Helping you to stay your healthiest with G-Werx.

G-Werx's 2,000-square-foot fitness center is a welcoming space located within the Abiitan Mill City building that offers supportive and encouraging group fitness classes, professional 1:1 personal training as well as the opportunity for you to do your own routine at your own pace.

The G-Werx System utilizes patented machine and training methodology to provide efficient, comprehensive and effective personal training in an innovative small group format that unites machine, free-weight, cardio and functional exercises with circuit training. Abiitan Mill City residents receive a 50% discount on G-Werx personal training services.

To make working out work for your schedule, you’ll have 24/7 access to the G-Werx fitness center and equipment once you have completed a safety orientation with a G-Werx professional.

Weight resistance training increases metabolism, accelerates weight loss, improves physical and mental performance, prevents diabetes, improves sleep and increases bone density.

G-Werx professionals can help you:

  • Burn More Calories (Stay Trim)
  • Improve Muscle Definition (Stay Toned)
  • Build Lean Muscle (Stay Strong)
  • Improve Cardiovascular Capacity (Healthy Heart)
  • Corrective Exercise Techniques (Chronic Pain Relief)

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